Australian Cricket Live stream discount for Dutch cricketers

In partnerschap met de ICC heeft Cricket Australië een mogelijkheid geschapen om via een livestream alle wedstrijden tegen India en alle 61 Big Bash League-wedstrijden te volgen via een goedkoop abonnement (€25,00).

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Via een combinatiepakket kunnen alle internationale én Big Bash League T20’s worden bekeken:

Combo Value Package (61 tournament BBL fixtures + Intl fixtures): This gives subscribers access to the 61 matches of the BBL which runs from 10th December – 6th Feb, plus remaining Inernationall fixtures. Pre-discount subscription price is €24.99, users receive 10% discount and you (member) receive 10% trailing commission. The offer will appear on the site from 28th November and is valid up until 9th December.

In Nederland ontvangen kijkers een korting van 10% via onderstaande codes; deze zijn geldig tot 9 december a.s.

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Wanderers OSS getting ready for the new season

The cricket season of year 2020 is fast approaching. While recent health issues in the world have dampened the spirit in the society, we hope this will soon become a non issue. On the club front everything is progressing ahead at full power. With this latest update, all members can be aware how the preparation at the club is progressing.

Indoor practice with bowling machine pays off

The club has been able to organise up to five sessions of indoor training with the new bowling machine. It is already possible to witness the result of this investment by the club, the form and technique of many batsmen is at a higher level than previous years. It is likely to give wanderers an edge at the beginning of the season. During these sessions, fitness, fielding, catching have also been tackled and worked upon. We thanks TBL Oss for their continued support and in allowing us to use them GymZaal in the weekends.

Kit order almost ready and new sponsor

The ordering of the new club kit is in the final stages. Thanks to the efforts of the board and Navaraj, Anupam, the club were able to secure kit sponsorship from Mt Everest Restaurant from Eindhoven. Mt Everest is a restaurant that has long operated in Eindhoven, and serves delicious Indian and Nepalese food. Their Logo will be placed on the back of our shirt, with deal signed for at-least coming 3 years. The Board appreciates the speed with which all members paid their contributions towards the kit. It is much appreciated. In more encouraging news, more sponsorship leads for the kit are being pursued, and will be known in the coming week.

Preseason Friendlies

Preseason games are being planned so that the sporting side of the things can be kicked off. A friendly match with HTC Eindhoven is already confirmed in march, with more games being discussed with other clubs. In a more intriguing news a club from Dubai who are visiting Netherlands in April have got in touch for friendly T20, Things are being discussed to see if a game can be possible.

Club membership count remains stable

At the voorjaar vergadering it was announced, we had lost up to three members this season. However we are proud to announce that we have three new members who are willing to play with us. Daan Rigbers, Yogesh Rijal, Shital Gupta have all joined in the preseason. The board welcomes them to the club, and wish them a great season and experience.This enables us to keep our membership count stable, enabling participation in two divisions. In addition we can now focus on the club goal of increasing the membership to 50 members in two years time. if you should see an opportunity to recruit members suited to our club philosophy, bring them along to one of our matches. Even if someone is not in to playing but would like to watch, take the extra step and bring them to the club.


Next week Sunday , 15th of march the club is seeking volunteers to help with preparing the ground. Activities include, working on the pitch , Painting the container green on request of of our neighbors. If you have the time please drop by for some DIY. In addition we are looking to procure a boundary rope from a club that is winding up in Friesland. This would be an upgrade on the the flags used at this moment. It should also contribute to the authentic cricket experience we all crave.

As we all know Corona Virus has reached the Netherlands and Brabant. We from the board wish you all the health , and ask you take good care of your health. Hope to see you healthy and full of energy in the upcoming season. On this note lets keep pushing ahead to meet our club goals.

Algemene Leden Vergadering 2020

Commencement and changes in board

Wanderers OSS organised the ALV(Algemene leden vergadering) for the year 2020 on the 18th of January 2020. The meeting began with the announcement that Mathijs Sjamaar would be stepping down from the board. A life long member of the wanderers and a valuable board member, he has played a pivotal part in the steady ascent the club has achieved. He was awarded a memento as a token of the club’s appreciation. Mathijs was keen to point out that he was stepping down to give fresh ideas a chance , but he would continue being available as a playing member. As his replacement Siddharth Chunduri was appointed to the board.

Financial Overview 2020

During the meeting the provisional financial statement(voorlopige) was presented. As always it highlighted wanderers will have to continue striving in attaining sustainable and responsible sponsorship to improve the footprint and facilities of the club. We thank Femke for keeping our books in order.

Club Jersey selected

Next Agenda point was the selection of the club jersey. A jersey commission comprising of Mathijs Sjamaar, Marc Meinema and Siddharth Chunduri has been working hard since December to come up with designs and suppliers for the new club Jersey. we thank our sponsor Yes Energie for supporting us in procuring the new club apparel. The club members were presented with 3 options , and asked to vote on the preferred option. With 14 votes constituting a majority the colors of deep sky blue with a dash of yellow were chosen as the jersey colours. The supplier of the kit will be Gray Nicolls, A brand of quality and trust for anyone who plays cricket.

New committees, membership turnover and ball sponsorship

In the meeting the board unveiled their vision for the club for the next three years. Most notable was the aim to achieve a membership total of 50 members by 2023. This year the strength of the club has fallen slightly from 28 to 25 at the time of this post. There are a couple of promising recruits in the pipeline, but tentative as of yet. Considering the present fact it will be a challenge to raise the membership to 50. In addition a milestone for the club is to create a Ladies or youth team representing wanderers by 2023. This normally entails better facilities and equipment. The process of improving this has already started. For instance, a new container to hold equipment, a bowling machine and higher quality cricket balls have been procured. Making these improvements of-course costs money, and we are looking for members and non members would like to be ball sponsors which is pegged at 25 euros. As a way to meet the goals two new committees have been formed to look in to how they can achieved. A technical committee will look in to how coaching standards, sporting philosophy and facilities can be enhanced, to meet our ambitions as a club. Mathijs Sjamaar has volunteered to participate in this group. One more member needs to be selected, any volunteers should express their interest to the technical committee. Siddharth Chunduri will complete the group action as board liaison. A recruitment committee will think about strategies to increase our membership, and promote the club to potential members who suit the club philosophy. Vikas Gupta has volunteered to be part of it, and more slots are open for anyone willing to giving input and ideas.

Off season behind the scenes

Oss -It has only been 3 months since Wanderers concluded the most successful season in recent history. As things wound down, all cricketers downed their tools, to take a break from everything and take stock of things. However behind the scenes, the board has been driving preparations shaping up the club for the next season. A new bowling machine was bought and tested in one of the indoor sessions. The results of training with it were amazing and worlds apart from previous indoor seasons. This is a big step in direction of providing club members with more realistic preparation facilities for the outdoor season. Another development was the much awaited placement of a storage container on the field. This will eliminate the great inconvenience of fetching furniture , equipment etc from locations far from the ground every time there is a practice or a match. Thanks in part to the board and Gemeente OSS who provided the permit, a major inconvenience has been rectified. With the upcoming ALV meeting in January, the club board shall announce various topics, like levy of extra tax on club from the gemeente, sponsors, the club jersey commission and the efforts to get them ready etc. The Board is also planning list of facilities we would like to have at the club like sight screens, expanding membership, more facilities on the field. however with our financial strength not all can be achieved in a year or so. But over a period of time we as a club will strive to make it happen. Till the ALV. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

New storage facility

Wanderers defeat VOC with a confident display

August 10 2019, OSS: In the latest installment of the KNCB ZAMI pool 2 battle, V.O.C Rotterdam a.k.a “Beating Bats” graced the cricket ground of wanderers cricket club OSS. The Beating Bats renowned for their batting prowess are one of the favorites to win this Zami pool. In the previous away fixture, wanderers lost to this talented team, in-spite of setting a huge target of 200 runs.

V.O.C won the toss and elected to bat first. This worked out fine for wanderers as they preferred to exploit the swing in windy overcast conditions. Ishant and Anupam opened the bowling for wanderers. Anupam made an early break through with V.O.C opener Desar, caught behind by Vikas, who donned the gloves for this game. Then batsmen 2 Stikkers was run out by a direct hit from Siddharth. Navaraj, and Tom were the change bowlers, and they performed well with tom removing two of the strongest opposition batsmen. Navaraj picked up three wickets, with his disciplined and smart bowling. Premchand chipped in with 2 wickets. Appie, was unlucky, as up to four catches were dropped in his bowling. With five wickets down, it seemed very likely that V.O.C might be restricted to a total under 100 runs. However V.O.C displayed their batting depth with strong composed partnerships late in to the innings, setting a target of 171 runs for wanderers. While being very much defend-able, wanderers had chased 170+ targets at home multiple time, hence the mood in the camp remained optimistic.

With regular opener Steve Binns suffering from a serious groin injury, Captain Maarten decided to open the innings with Vikas and Siddharth. This was a great show of faith by the captain, for Siddharth had failed to show the composure deserving of an opening batsman in the season so far. The new opening combo started cautiously and nervously with some mix ups in the calling. But they soon settled in to the game. While Vikas held fort by batting out the good bowlers, Siddharth exploited the weaker bowlers going after the odd loose ball. By the 10 over mark the duo have accumulated 59 runs, at an impressive run rate of nearly 6 runs per over. In the 15th over with 80 runs on board, Siddharth was bowled out. He scored 45 runs, just 5 short of what could have been his first half century. For the next 5 overs, wanderers scoring came to standstill with just 6 runs coming from 5 overs, and the fall of 2 wickets. In the 20th over Ishant joined Vikas with the aim to bring back the momentum in wanderers’ favour. Ishant was quite prolific with his scoring and made 53 till he was caught out. This was enough for wanderers to reach the target in the 33rd over. Thus another exciting encounter came to an end, making this season all the more remarkable for wanderers.