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Newsletter “t Zwervertje

April 2021
Updates and news about the Wanderers Cricket Club appears every month, is also available
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1. Accommodation
In recent months, the board, together with the KNCB and the real estate department of the Municipality of Oss, has prepared a letter and cost estimate for the councilor of the Municipality of Oss. A total of € 15,000 has been requested for the implementation of the minimum improvements to the pitch, screens, training accommodation and field. April 12, there will be a third meeting with the officials and hopefully there will be a meeting with the alderman with the aim of recognizing and allocating this budget.
2. Training and coaching
The training sessions started last week in small groups.
The technical committee has made a plan for further raising the level of the first team through more intensive training aimed at the fitness of the players and the level of the fielding. Attention is also paid to bowling training and the training of spinners. Steven Lubbers will set up a number of training courses together with Dean van Rooyen.
If COVID-19 measures allow it, Eric van de Bogaart and Dean van Rooyen will also lead a number of specific training sessions and weekends for players who want to grow further in their level.
3. Youth and ladies cricket
In recent months we have made agreements with Steven Lubbers, Regional Participation Manager of the KNCB to start up youth cricket with a number of clinics for gym teachers in the upper years of primary and lower secondary education. The intention is to start with this in April.
Furthermore, an email will be sent to a large number of ladies this week to identify who is interested in getting started with women's cricket at the Wanderers. Three ladies besides Wendy de Kiewit have indicated that they are already interested. The goal is to train together and play four games this year.

4. Competition 
The KNCB has indicated that it will start on May 1 with the Top class competitions under strict rules and no audience. Broadcast of this competition will also be available via a live stream. More information about this will follow as soon as possible. The other competitions will only start if the government and RIVM allow it. We estimate that that will not be earlier than June 1, unfortunately.

5. KNCB 
The KNCB has left the 'e-cricket' application in 2020 to keep track of the membership administration and match results. In its place, the All-United program has returned as a membership administration program. All-United is used by 80% of all sports associations and is a very extensive system with countless possibilities to improve our financial and membership administration. Match results will be kept in ResultsVault. Caroline Sjamaar and Ernst-Jan Sjamaar will now receive an explanation from the KNCB about this. On April 14, 2021, an ALV will be held from the KNCB. Maarten Schenk and Ernst-Jan Sjamaar will participate. The most important subjects are the BV set up by the KNCB specifically for international matches and the Netherlands national team. The possibility to still play in white clothing in the ZAMI and the finances for the 2021 season. 

6. Anniversary committee 
On May 5, 2021, the Wanderers Cricket Club Oss will be 45 years old. To celebrate this properly, a number of festivities will be organized in the september. You will be informed about this in good time. We have started writing an anniversary book that should be ready in 5 years' time during the 50th anniversary. Mathijs Sjamaar, Pascal Schuurmans and Casper Bekking will also present the program shortly. Siddharth Chunduri is the board delegate in this commission.

7. Promotion and sponsor committee
This committee has come up with a number of ideas to request financial support via a YouTube channel and to set up a crowd funding campaign to support investments in our accommodation. We also want to use this YouTube channel to sponsor material (balls) and to draw attention to, for example, billboards along the field. 

8. In the press 
Wednesday 14 April an article about the Wanderers Cricket Club will be published in the Regio Oss. Dick Hubertus interviewed Ernst-Jan Sjamaar and Maarten Schenk and pictures were taken during the training. The article will also appear on our website and we will also try to draw attention to our club and the accommodation policy of the Municipality of Oss in other media (Brabants Dagblad, DTV). 

9. Agenda 
We will be filling this item in the coming weeks. We have planned to celebrate our 45th anniversary on the weekend of September 12th and there is already a date for a game against SGS in September. There is also a ZAMI tournament in August.

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