Algemene Leden Vergadering 2020

Commencement and changes in board

Wanderers OSS organised the ALV(Algemene leden vergadering) for the year 2020 on the 18th of January 2020. The meeting began with the announcement that Mathijs Sjamaar would be stepping down from the board. A life long member of the wanderers and a valuable board member, he has played a pivotal part in the steady ascent the club has achieved. He was awarded a memento as a token of the club’s appreciation. Mathijs was keen to point out that he was stepping down to give fresh ideas a chance , but he would continue being available as a playing member. As his replacement Siddharth Chunduri was appointed to the board.

Financial Overview 2020

During the meeting the provisional financial statement(voorlopige) was presented. As always it highlighted wanderers will have to continue striving in attaining sustainable and responsible sponsorship to improve the footprint and facilities of the club. We thank Femke for keeping our books in order.

Club Jersey selected

Next Agenda point was the selection of the club jersey. A jersey commission comprising of Mathijs Sjamaar, Marc Meinema and Siddharth Chunduri has been working hard since December to come up with designs and suppliers for the new club Jersey. we thank our sponsor Yes Energie for supporting us in procuring the new club apparel. The club members were presented with 3 options , and asked to vote on the preferred option. With 14 votes constituting a majority the colors of deep sky blue with a dash of yellow were chosen as the jersey colours. The supplier of the kit will be Gray Nicolls, A brand of quality and trust for anyone who plays cricket.

New committees, membership turnover and ball sponsorship

In the meeting the board unveiled their vision for the club for the next three years. Most notable was the aim to achieve a membership total of 50 members by 2023. This year the strength of the club has fallen slightly from 28 to 25 at the time of this post. There are a couple of promising recruits in the pipeline, but tentative as of yet. Considering the present fact it will be a challenge to raise the membership to 50. In addition a milestone for the club is to create a Ladies or youth team representing wanderers by 2023. This normally entails better facilities and equipment. The process of improving this has already started. For instance, a new container to hold equipment, a bowling machine and higher quality cricket balls have been procured. Making these improvements of-course costs money, and we are looking for members and non members would like to be ball sponsors which is pegged at 25 euros. As a way to meet the goals two new committees have been formed to look in to how they can achieved. A technical committee will look in to how coaching standards, sporting philosophy and facilities can be enhanced, to meet our ambitions as a club. Mathijs Sjamaar has volunteered to participate in this group. One more member needs to be selected, any volunteers should express their interest to the technical committee. Siddharth Chunduri will complete the group action as board liaison. A recruitment committee will think about strategies to increase our membership, and promote the club to potential members who suit the club philosophy. Vikas Gupta has volunteered to be part of it, and more slots are open for anyone willing to giving input and ideas.

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