Off season behind the scenes

Oss -It has only been 3 months since Wanderers concluded the most successful season in recent history. As things wound down, all cricketers downed their tools, to take a break from everything and take stock of things. However behind the scenes, the board has been driving preparations shaping up the club for the next season. A new bowling machine was bought and tested in one of the indoor sessions. The results of training with it were amazing and worlds apart from previous indoor seasons. This is a big step in direction of providing club members with more realistic preparation facilities for the outdoor season. Another development was the much awaited placement of a storage container on the field. This will eliminate the great inconvenience of fetching furniture , equipment etc from locations far from the ground every time there is a practice or a match. Thanks in part to the board and Gemeente OSS who provided the permit, a major inconvenience has been rectified. With the upcoming ALV meeting in January, the club board shall announce various topics, like levy of extra tax on club from the gemeente, sponsors, the club jersey commission and the efforts to get them ready etc. The Board is also planning list of facilities we would like to have at the club like sight screens, expanding membership, more facilities on the field. however with our financial strength not all can be achieved in a year or so. But over a period of time we as a club will strive to make it happen. Till the ALV. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

New storage facility

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